Summer time at the Crossroads of East and West!

Summer time is always special for the families! It’s when the summer vacations give you the quality time to spend a holiday with your loved ones.

While deciding on your international tours, Turkey could be the ideal destination, known for its glorious history and magnificent empires. Reining the lands of Anatolia, numerous civilizations have taken advantage of the beauty of the land that is geographically located as a piece connecting Europe and Asia.

The advantage of the location has benefitted the trade and business of the country and has seen the intermingling of different cultures as well. The reigns of the following empires on the fertile land have brought a major impact in their own way. Along with the Sumerians , Hittites, the Lydians and the  Byzantines, and not to forget the Seljuks all have had their piece of rich glory over this land! The rich history has seen the rise and fall of kingdoms and their reigning strength. This makes the destination all the more a favorite amongst those tourists that strive for locations that speak for themselves.  Amazingly beautiful in every way, Turkey Holidays can be truly the most enterprising and fun filled family vacations. Check out on the architectural influence of the Ottomans on the heritage sites still existing with the magnificent glory of the empire with the turkey holiday packages from India.  The social life of the locals is absolutely lively and energetic. With native customs and traditions for many social events from weddings to births and other social holidays, the Turkish culture is a warm and embracing tradition.

As it is surrounded by the sea and beautiful mountains, it experiences temperate Mediterranean climate. This is the reason that the climate is pleasant throughout the year and maintains a beautiful Flora and Fauna.

 The folkloric dancers of the Cradle of Civilizations are simply miraculous. The colorful dresses and art performances are truly a sight to watch. Turkey holiday packages will bring you an exposure of the archaeological finds, culture and art to its most beautiful perspective, a treasure you will always carry in your minds. Istanbul is seen as one of the biggest commercial hubs and a living evidence of the rise of the Chalcolithic and Persian ages and the fullest capacity of being a magnificent city. Turkey is also known as the land of Oil Wrestlers. Amateur wrestlers from around the world gather here to enjoy these matches! Even camel wrestling is a famous activity of the region where the camels are brought close to each other to grapple with. Foundations of these events can be traced in the rich history of the country making it all the more a delightful land to explore.

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Awesome Scandinavian Beauty to the best of your expectations!

When we talk about Scandinavia we get a beautiful visualization of a picturesque serene beauty.  Scandinavian holidays can live upto your expectations of being able to give you the pleasure that a vacation is looked forward for. The three beautiful countries: Sweden, Norway and Denmark are filed in abundance with the magnificent beauty of the snowy mountains and the famous fjords. Stockholm is one of the most beautiful cities of Sweden. This city is the most populous city in Sweden and is the centre point of the economic and cultural and political fronts. The architectural display is extremely colorful and is influenced by the nomadic ice age. The beauty of the city lies in the center of the location. The Stockholm archipelago consisting of fourteen islands helps account for the cities thirty percent water ways. You can engage in various recreational activities and even go boating around the little islands on your sail boats.

Stockholm is known as the land of beautiful green parks and its Baroque style architecture. Another name given to this beautiful city is “the capital of European Culture”. Architectural buildings belonging to the 13 century such as the – Riddarholmskyrkan ,Storkyrkan Cathedral and the Stockholm Palace display the beauty of the art enriched architecture of the place. Not only this, the city has the most amazing night life and environment. International tours from India can make the best possible itineraries that help you explore the entire Scandinavian region.

The cosmopolitan city of Norway-Oslo is a land of sky scrapers that are built under the influence of German architecture.  The train ride from Oslo to Bergen famous for being one of the top most scenic train rides in the world can be part of your Scandinavian holiday packages. You can even stroll around the harbor and take a bicycle ride to the Aker Brygge. The entire landscape is truly magnificent and brings a feeling of being close to the wilderness of nature. A fun filled vacation that can be enjoyed with your loved ones and even for your special moments in solitude. Though the tourists love to indulge in the island hopping in Stockholm, the best part of your Scandinavian Holidays could also include relishing the taste of Danish castles and the northern European beaches of Zealand and Gotland.

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Land of the Happy People and the Big Five in South Africa

South africaThis country has been through an enormous human subjugation and has overcome the tyranny with grace and strength. The era of the apartheid has lifted the moral strength of the country to heights where they have learned to walk hand in hand to accomplish a country with great beauty in all the sectors of the economy. The beauty of the flora and fauna and the economy, trade and infrastructure are all the blessings of the traumatic stage that the nation has gone through. The continuous strive to strengthen the ties within the nation has polished the gifts of the “Rainbow Nation”.

The warmth of the people can be felt in the amicable way the locals curl together over a braai, a feast to indulge in while on your international packages.

 The beauty of the land can be relished with the green blue skies and a rich wild life. South Africa holidays without the Safaris are like being refrained from the basic element of life! There is no way in which you should miss out on the black and white stripes that are used to camouflage the wild zebras in their natural habitat. The heavy Hippos running through the shallow waters with their heavy and slick skins and pink mouths are a magical sight viewed from the open jeeps in the hub of their natural homes. Endless grasslands and groovy vineyards is what this nation has to offer as a complementary gift. The sight is truly marvellous and amazing. The South African Penguins at Boulder’s Beach and the Cheetahs and Rhinos in the African bushes can be part of your South Africa holiday packages from India. Another illustrious activity that most of the tourists look forward to is the Hunting of the Big Five! The Big Five refers to the African Elephant, Cape buffalo, Rhino, Leopard, and the king of the jungle- the Lion! These hunting safaris are accompanied by professional hunters and are conducted only at specific places in the area. This is a dangerous sport and hence has a certain level of thrill to it!  This game is a rare play and can be the highlight of your South Africa holiday packages.

Interestingly the trophies of the hunters are sent to taxidermists and they help to create beautiful shoulder mounts, full mounts, European Mounts and pedestal mounts as per the client’s preferences. These trophies are shipped as per the state laws and rules and under proper documentation.

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Four important places to visit in United States

ImageUnited States is not only big in terms of the economy; it is one of the countries in the world that offers a fantastic experience to all its tourists those who come here to visit the country. The country has interesting places for people of all ages starting from kids to the young adults. Visiting USA, you can explore the unexplored and discover some of the most thrilling places which will give you goose bumps.

You can find here the list of four important places in the United States where you can visit and have a good time enjoying your USA Holidays.

National Mall: Spread over a huge area, the National Mall is a garden with lush greenery all around. It was constructed in the year 1855 and was also known as ‘The Castle’. This part of the United States is jostled by tourists every year. As you walk through the National Mall, you can find a number of museums lined up one after another. Visit each of these museums to get a taste of the American history. The National Gallery of Art displays artifacts as well as paintings by famous artists. Located not too far from the place is the Lincoln Memorial which is situated just near the bank of Potomac River.

Walt Disney: Spending time with the kids will be more fun when you visit the Walt Disney World in Florida. Your visit to the country will be futile if you do not pay any visit to this place. Walt Disney is not only for kids, but also for the entertainment of adults. The four theme parks inside: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom have a good combination of education as well as entertainment for the kids. Visiting the Epcot, kids will get derive educational value as they can come to know about the cultures of different countries. On the other hand, the Hollywood Studio will give you an insight about the golden age of Cinema.

Grand Canyon National Park: Located in Arizona, the Grand Canyon National Park is the largest gorge in the world. The place is home to different species of plants, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds. Visiting the place with a guide is the ultimate way to enjoy the place. Every year, Grand Canyon attracts about 5 million tourists each year. Recently, the place has added a new interest: the Grand Canyon Skywalk. It is a 65 foot bridge, which is made of transparent glass and stretches to the mid air. Walking through the bridge is really a thrilling experience.

Hearst Castle: This Castle is located in California and was built in 1919 in the memory of American journalist William Randolph Hearst. This architecture is an example of splendid architecture of the then time period. It has got 115 rooms with pools on each side and manicured gardens that are spread over an area of eight acres. It also consists of a collection of the few items that was collected by Hearst while he travelled all across Europe. It took a total of 28 years to complete the construction of the castle. There are many special tours that are conducted for the tourists.

Empire State Building: The Empire State Building has always been the cynosure of tourist attractions in the United States. This skyscraper is a 102 storey building and is the first ever tall building in the United States. The best time to view the building is at night, when it is illuminated with 208 flood lights.

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History Beckons Tourists to Turkey

ImageYou will be forgiven if you mistake Turkey for a historical site. Coming to this country will make you feel as if you have pressed the rewind button of history and have landed up yourself in one of the historical cities of the bygone era. Turkey is truly a place that will tell you mythological tales and stories of famous kings who have inscribed a mark in the pages of world history. The country is also home to some of the famous UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Spending a holiday in Turkey is like reading a history book. Just as you discover new events by turning the pages of books; in the same way you also explore new cities as you travel more in the country. If you are someone who loves to unearth the mysteries of the past by discovering a new country, then Turkey is waiting for you with arms wide open.

You can begin your journey by visiting the archeological site of Troy. In his epic poem, The Iliad, Homer described this site where the famous Trojan War was fought. Located in Mount Ida it is said that the city of Troy has nine archeological layers that includes sewage system, public bath houses and different type of artifacts. Hence you can visit each of these places and imagine how exactly the city looked like at that point of time. The city is about four thousand years old and the nest way to discover is with the help of a guide.

Next is the Great Mosque and Hospital of Divriği. Built by Ahmed Shah in the thirteenth century, this UNESCO World heritage site is mainly known for its beautiful three dimensional architectures. All the designs are unique and differ from each other. A Hospital is situated in adjacent to the mosque which is quite noteworthy. It is a two storey building that is surrounded by fountains and porticoes. The heart shaped stone masterpiece is also something that lures visitors to this place.

Nemrut Mountain is an open air museum and is the highest one in the world. The statues that are placed inside it are as high as ten meters and have ancient inscriptions written on them. It is believed that this mountain was the place of worship for the people staying in Anatolia. It also consists of statues of animals comprising of lions and eagles. It is also the place to have a perfect view for a wonderful sunset.

Visiting Göreme National Park and the Rock Site of Cappadocia will make you feel as if you have come to a totally new world. It is a place where one can find an abundance of flora. It is said that two mountains here that are Erclyes and Hasan were formed by the constant sand and water erosion that has been occurring for many years. Other interesting things include a visit to the underground cities of Kaymakli, Derinkuyu, Mazl Ozkonak and Tatlarin. Travelers can visit each of the underground cities in order to have an experience about the underground world.

If you are opting for turkey packages, you must make sure that they include a visit to all these places.

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The Shaolin temple of China has a lot of interesting things for the traveler

ImageYou might have seen the Shaolin Temple in movies, but going there in person will make you feel ecstatic. It will remind you of the various action packed scenes and the death defying stunts performed by Jet Li in the movie. Visiting Shaolin Temple is really a memorable experience as you will witness all the important places which you have watched in the movie in front of yourself. Before beginning the article it is important to mention here that this UNESCO World Heritage Site is also known as the Shaolin Monastery.

So if you thought that the Shaolin Temple is only about martial arts, then there are a number of other interesting things like the Mahavira Hall, the Pagoda Forest and the Dharma Cave that lures visitors regularly to this place. Each of the three places has got their charm and holds a special significance. Holidays in China become more exciting by visiting the place. The Mahavira Hall holds a special importance as prayers and important celebrations are held here regularly. 18 Buddhist arhats stand in both the eastern and southern part of the hall in order to offer their prayers to the almighty.

The figure of Kingnaro and Dharma, founders of Shaolin Cudgel Chinese Zen Buddhism respectively is placed behind the three Buddhas. The stone lions, which are 3.33 feet high, are also quite spectacular to watch. Walking through the floors one can find fifty small pits which are said to be the fine prints of Monks who used to teach martial arts here.

The Pagoda Forests can give you an idea initially that it is all about trees, but upon visiting there you might be surprised to see their scarcity. Pagodas refer to the tall brick structures that were built in the Tang Dynasty. There is a total of 228 pagodas in Shaolin Temple. The specialty of all the pagodas is that all of them are different from each other in terms of size. Some of them are polygonal where as some of them are cylindrical in shape.

Dharma Cave has got a mythological importance. Dharma was a Buddhist monk who is said to have introduced Zen Buddhism for the first time. It is said that he meditated in this cave for nine long years before reaching the spiritual stage. The cave is about 23 feet deep and has many inscriptions written on both sides of the cave. The special attraction of the place is the Meditating stone near which Dharma used to sit and meditate. The stone till today rests at the same place.

The tour can be concluded by visiting the Wushu Martial Arts Training Center. This is the place where you can watch students practicing the Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu. The monks have been practicing Kung fu for the last 1500 years. You can see here students performing Tong Zi Gong, a form of martial arts that mainly helps a person to develop inner strength and flexibility. The temple is open every day for the visitors from 08:10 am to 17:30 pm.

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Dancing to the Samba of the Brazilian culture!

SAO PAULOBrazil is not the location to be missed out, rather a site to be put on top priority and part of your International Holiday Packages. Getting totally geared up for the 2014 football World Cup and the 2016 Olympics, this giant South American nation is all set to host the gala events. Brazil also known as the football nation has invested tremendously in the travel and tourism industry. The whole arrangement and plan for spreading out the areas where the matches and events are to take place are scattered around 12 cities of the country, extending from Rio and Sao Paolo to Brasilia, and Manaus in the middle of the Amazon.

The FIFA Federations cup which was held in the month of June in 2013, and was also hosted in this beautiful land belonging to Latin America.

IGUASSU FALLSAll year round Brazil sees a large amount of tourists visiting the gorgeous place. Known for its beautiful beaches flocked with sun bathing visitors all year round and its internationally acclaimed carnivals, Brazil is the land of the Samba Parade. The beaches are filled with visitors that cherish sun basking and cool waters of the sea. The stretch of sand is scattered with sun umbrellas of all colors and sizes. If you take an aerial view you can see amazing flower like figures of all colors edging near the waters of the sea shores. Truly an amazing site!

The Streets of Rio are filled with samba music and huge crowds of tourist, a number nearing 5,00,000 dance to the music on the streets.

RIO DE JANEIROThe Rio Carnival is placed 40 days before Easter and lasts for 5 days. This event is considered as the act of bidding farewell to the bodily pleasures. The euphoric event is just where the level of enjoyment reaches the highest point of momentum. People dance, party and sing all night long during those five days. Costumes are available for this gala event in abundance. The main and most important people involved in this tradition are the “favelas”. These people reside in the poorest slums and despite the fact they are the ones that give the carnival the extra umpf and pronto! No matter what, it just seems as if the whole of Brazil has decided to join on the streets and dance to the tunes of the bizarre tradition. There is undoubtedly no chance of missing out on the opportunity that you can live kind size during your choice of International travel destinations.


Enjoy Sea sports at its best on a holiday tour to Egypt

The recent uprising in Egypt might force you to give a second thought on visiting the country but it is the ultimate place to chill out with friends and family. If you are planning to have a beach holiday along with some adrenaline pumping activities then you have just chosen the right place for your outing this time. Only a handful of people know about this exciting side of Egypt and those who know it certainly have a gala time under the sun.

Any thrilling experience is incomplete if you do not indulge doing something unusual. Well, Egypt is a place where you can push yourself to the limit and enjoy some adventurous sea sports and many other water activities. If you are a first timer or have a phobia with water then there is no need to worry as there are a host of other equally exciting activities.

You can try out a number of water sports in Egypt under the guidance of a trained professional so that you do not face any difficulty. Just read in the subsequent paragraph to know more about them

Snorkelling: Egypt has got some of the most extraordinary scuba diving locations where you can practice or enjoy snorkelling and discover the splendid underwater life. Pharaoh Island is one of the hotspots for a lifetime snorkelling experience. You can enquire about the De Monfreid Snorkelling full day trip from the hotel. It is generally organized by the local water sports centre which is located at the Taba Heights. Other places where you can enjoy the sports are at Sharm el Naga, Dahab and Ain Sukhna.

Water Skii: It is really a very enthralling experience to cruise in the sea by water skiing. The most attractive benefit of this sport is that it can be experienced by people of all ages. You must be sure that this sport is present in your all inclusive Egypt Holidays as this is something that tourists should never miss. You can try out some really interesting places like El-Gouna where an artificial lagoon is created especially for water skiing or else can participate in the sking festival that is held every year in Hurghada.

Parasailing: Though this is not a typical water sports but the fun and excitement attached to it is immense. You can try this out at a number of famous locations in Egypt like El-Gouna, Naama Bay and Hurghada.

Reef watching: Taking an underwater tour and that too in a submarine cannot be expressed in words until and unless you experience it yourself. A Sharm Semi-Submarine Tour takes you through a 90 minutes tour under the Red Sea. You will have a nice time watching the fishes move around and passing through the natural habitation of the sea. On the other hand, a Glass Bottom Boat Ride in Hurghada provides panoramic views of the underwater sea.

As mentioned previously, there are some other activities that you can enjoy like windsurfing, Yatching and Beach activities. Some of the famous beaches where you can roam about are the Cleopatra, Agiba, Gharam and the Hurghada Beach.

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Hong Kong is a Mixed Blend of Various Cultures

Knowing the culture of a country before visiting is not only necessary but is also interesting. Some norms might be strikingly different where as a very rare of them might be similar. Learning a culture or habituating yourself with the tradition of another country helps you to experience life in a totally different way. Your holiday in abroad can be a cultural trip that can bring a new meaning in your life.

Cantonese is the term which is used for Hong Kong culture. The culture of the country is an amalgamation of Eastern and the western world. It is due to this diversity that the people of Hong Kong are very open- minded and accepts people from all over the world. The warm and hospitality with which the guests are treated leave the travellers mesmerized. The local people also try to associate themselves with the tourists.

The population of Hong Kong consists of people from all type of religion that includes British, Indians, Jews and Shanghainese. Taoism, Buddhism, Christianism, Islam are the major religions of the country. Respecting the traditional values form an effective part of life in the country. Terms like family solidarity and family glory are really important. On the other hand, there are also a large number of people who live a modern day life and apply western tips. While going for Hong Kong Holidays, travellers normally do not face a language problem as English is spoken there. Other languages include Cantonese and Chinese Mandarin.

As far as the Hong Kong cuisine is concerned there are a number of dishes that will leave the food buff asking for more. Every dish prepared here is delicious and is unique.  Be it the French toast, the scrambled egg sandwich, stinky tofu or the pineapple bum each one of them are bound to provide the ultimate food experience to the people. But, one of the most interesting dishes of them all is the Dim Sum. It is said that the Dim sum is one of the most iconic food of the country and never gets old as it is loved by the people of all ages.

Some of the most wonderful religious temples are located in Hong Kong. One can find here mosques, temples, gurdwara and churches. The Happy Valley Hindu Temple is attended by some 40000 Hindus residing in the country. It is also a centre for a number of activities such as yoga, meditation etc. Diwali and Dussehra are celebrated at this place with much enthusiasm. The rectangular shaped Jamia Mosque is a fine example of modern architecture and is attended mostly by the Muslims. More than 220,000 Muslims reside at this place.

Khalsa Diwan Sikh Temple was constructed in the year 1901 by the Sikh members of the British Army. Later in the year 1930, the Gurdwara was reconstructed due to the growing number of Sikhs in the country. It offers meal free of cost and accommodation to visitors of any religion.

The St John’s Cathedral is one of the oldest and the biggest buildings of the world. Constructed in the year 1879, the Church played a very important role in serving the people who suffered in the Second World War. More than 100 people took shelter here when the Japan attacked the city.

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Some Interesting Facts About New Zealand

There is a history behind the discovery of the name New Zealand.  In the year 1642, Dutch sailor Abel Tasman was the first European to discover the country. He mistook the place as an island in Chile. After realizing the mistake ‘Nova Zeelandia’ was the name that was given. Later, the famous explorer Captain James Cook gave the name New Zealand and in this way the country got its name.

Apart from a wonderful mystery behind the discovery of its name New Zealand also is a beautiful country that will mesmerize you with all its beauty. Getting here is easy as there are various flights that operate from all the major countries. Cruising can also be one of the best ways to reach to the land of kiwis. There are nine major ports in New Zealand where cruises from various countries arrive.

You can enjoy your Luxury New Zealand Holidays by roaming in some of the most interesting places like Auckland Zoo, Sky Tower, Star dome Observatory, Waitomo Caves and much more. But you should know some important and interesting facts about this country that will make tour visit all the more special. Given below are some of them.

For every individual, the country produces 100kg of butter and 65kg of cheese every year.

The country holds the record for winning the maximum number of gold medals per head.

One can find here a place with the longest name in the world that is Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwenuakitanatahu. It is a hill station that is located in Porangahau.

Only five percent of the total population comprises of human. Rest of the population is dominated by sheep.

The value of $43 in the year 1984 was equal to the value of $100 today.

This country is home to Hectors Dolphin which is the smallest dolphin in the world, the rarest sea lion that is Hookers Sea Lion and the heaviest insect Weta. Also one can find here some of the rarest bird species in this country.

All the mentioned facts in the aforesaid mentioned paragraph are really interesting and is bound to make you more inquisitive on visiting New Zealand.

Climate of New Zealand is strikingly different in the northern and southern parts of the country. In the northern most regions, it has a subtropical weather during the summer season and freezing cold during winters. The other part of the country that is in the southernmost region the temperature drops. July is one of the coldest months where the temperature hovers around 10 to 15 degree where as the months of January and February remains warm.

You cannot roam a country until and unless you have a good accommodation options or a place to reside in that falls within your budget range. In New Zealand there accommodation is available in various forms such as Hotels, Apartments, Bed & Breakfast, Farmstays, Holiday Homes, Motels and Luxury Lodge. It all depends on the tourists and his or her preference and standard of living that where he or she is going to reside.

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